Randi Kopp

In her 20+ years of corporate and nonprofit experience, Randi has run many integrated marketing and social media campaigns, successfully launched several new products and services, led geographically-dispersed project teams from 10 to 30 people, and managed a wide variety of marketing and vendor relationships.

She has a versatile B2C/B2B background in business/product development, project management, digital content development, branding and communication strategies.

Randi received her MBA In Marketing from Columbia University.  Since then, her marketing experience has been in the following industries: financial services, accounting, education and training, publishing, non-profit organizations and private health and wellness practices.

Her career includes experience inside corporations and as an external consultant with:

• American Express
• American Management Association
• Citigroup
• Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum
• Pearson
• SourceMedia
• TechSoup Global
• The Rudin Group

Randi currently manages online cross-marketing initiatives requiring social, digital and traditional expertise. Her focus is to establish strong social media brand presences on such platforms as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. She also writes content for blogs when requested, and assists clients with their overall marketing strategy and presentations.

The following is a list of her Skills and Expertise, which give her the ability to provide you with excellent service and support: