Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum

Kidsbridge is a nonprofit character education/diversity appreciation organization that works with New Jersey and Pennsylvania schools, students, parents and community partners. Located on campus at The College of New Jersey, students and professors interact with an annual average of 2200 elementary and middle school students to tackle such issues as anti-bullying and victim empowerment.

Lynne Azarchi
Executive Director, Kidsbridge

On-Going Project:  Create a blog and establish a presence for Kidsbridge on social media. Additional projects have included writing the RFP for their website re-design, advising on email, brochure and newspaper copy, placing event promotions on local area sites, and working as part of the video production team at a recent public event.

Twitter:  Set up account, design layout, curate lists and followers, tweet daily, link to blog, Facebook and YouTube.








Facebook:  Set up account, design Page and Timeline, publish events, interact with fans and other Pages daily, link to donation site, blog and YouTube.


Blog:  Set up and design on WordPress, publish a post a minimum of once weekly, link to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Coordinate events with donation site.